The Zanskar Facts You Didn’t Know- Part 1

Humility —-Courage — Humanity

**Padum Village**
is the only town, after Zangla, of the Zanskar Kingdom.
Height : 11,998 feet

Padum means “Lotus-Born”— child appearing in a lotus blossom

Padum Population = 1000 inhabitants
Tourist Season: July, August, Half September and January (if you are doing the frozen zanskar river expediton)
Famous Attraction : Karsha Monastery

When the first truck/lorry arrived in Zanskar, people were afraid to approach it.Some even said that it might kill their traditional values and then a well known monk said we all struggle for life here, busy only for water, fields and wood. Villagers have no time to properly study the Teachings of the Buddha. People in Zanskar need to have an easier life to be able to improve, to have time to study the real truth

Curious Zanskaris: First ever Lorry in zanskar

Curious Zanskaris: First ever Lorry in zanskar

Picture Source:: (A guy who has travelled to Ladakh for more than 35 years)
Do you know him ??

Today zanskari people live better during the winters with pokari and pipe in a glass room to absorb the heat from the sun & thanks to modern hospitals, less children and mothers die during the delivery of a child.

Thanks to the internet that so many people now want to experience the frozen zanskar river in the winters which has generated jobs for the zanskaris during the winters as guides/porters/cooks.

Ladakhi Traditional Costume

Ladakhi Traditional Costume

Join me on my treks !

Rohit Khattar
Co-Founder at Himalayan Explorers Club


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