Say No to Adventure “Guide/Porter” as a Profession ?(Indian Context)

Getting a job in the field of adventure sports as a guide or porter is not difficult anymore in India but yes making a career in this field just to pursue your passion might not be the best option.

Reasons for not opting to be a CLOUDWALKER:

Porter with heavy load

Porter with heavy load

1:) Happy Family/Parents : Just because you want to follow your passion does not mean you are going to play with those who love you and would not want to lose you.

2:) Government Regulations : A terrorist would be using a satellite phone easily to hide in the mountains(which the government fails to stop) but if a porter or guide is dying due to weather or uncertain situations then he cannot ask for help.

3:) Weak Rescue System (or should I say expensive) : In the mountains when a porter/guide can’t get the authority to use a satellite phone then just imagine if he has to call for rescue. It is also not government aided as most of those who come for rescue operation charge heavily which is out of question for Indian guides.

4:) Expensive gear/equipment: A guide/porter rarely gets paid properly by travel agents that he can hardly afford to buy good shoes or trekking/climbing equipment.

5:) Fragmented Market: Get ready to strive daily to make money if you are opting for this profession (forget about making “Good” money)

6:) Customer will Kick your Ass : No matter how good you serve/treat your customers they will look for small reasons to kick your ass and you’re business is dead if he writes anything bad about your service.

7:) Think twice if you are a Woman : Very rarely you would find a lady guide/porter in the mountains of India(everyone knows why) but I do know a few lady adventure guides who are making good money and ,at the same time, are being supported by their family.

Feel free to add more or discard any of the above points.

Ohhh ! I forgot to mention that I Love This Profession

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Rohit Khattar
Adventurer & Co-Founder at Himalayan Explorers Club


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