Common Trekking Mistakes

How often I hear that people make small mistakes while they are in the wilderness because of lack of preparation and sometimes many trekkers make mistakes which causes serious issues like injury, discomfort to the team trekking with you, cancelling the expedition etc.

Some Common Mistakes you should avoid while you are trekking with a team of trekkers (also otherwise):

1:) Lack of Physical Fitness : Prepare well to avoid situation like cramps which hurt you bad throughout the trek route and can at times prove to be fatal.

2:) Poor Packing : When you’re walking up the mountain every gram becomes a kilogram so it is very important pack properly/smartly before you start your trek.

3:)Dehydration : Drink enough water and keep a bottle close to your reach. If your urine is dark then its a sign that your body is dehydrated.

4:) Wrong Outfit : Avoid cotton and prefer wool and polyester.

5:) Trekking at Night: Avoid it ! Its Dangerous ……

6:)Wrong Shoes & Socks : Depending upon the trek/trail you should choose the right shoe/socks. On a difficult trek or in a difficult situation you would not want a shoe that is troubling you.

7:)Missing Important Gear : Some equipment are important for certain treks/trails about which you should research well in advance and it can be dangerous if something crucial is missing. You should prepare a check list which works he best.

8:) Weather Report: Always check the weather report before you start for your home.

9:) Looking for shortcuts : Risky and most of the times even the experienced trekkers regret taking shortcuts. If you get lost then its difficult even for the rescue team.

10:) Getting away from Team : Try to stay close to your team. (Keeps you mentally strong)

11:) Skipping Food/Snack : Eat well to keep your spirits high. Dry fruits are good while trekking.

12:) Packing the wrong sleeping bag: Keep a bag that will keep you warm in the mountains.

13:) Playing against Weather : Don’t try to beat the nature and if the signal is to stop and wait you should do that.
Warm Regards
Rohit Khattar
Adventurer & Co-Founder at Himalayan Explorers Club


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