Solitude of the outdoors (Why trek in a small team)

Couple of reasons why I take less number of people in a group while going for a trek or an expedition or any other adventure.


* To enjoy the peace & solitude of the outdoors: Not possible in a big team. People choose the outdoors to refresh themselves but the minute they are in a big group the scenario changes completely. I always recommend trekking in a small team/group.

*Lesser impact on the environment: The impact on the environment can be huge if it is not properly managed.

*Poop Smell: If you have been on a trek with a big group then you would realize what I am talking about.
If the whole group wants to clean their stomach in the morning then the chances are high that the foul smell will ruin your total experience or might even stop you from going for such adventures again.

*Time Management: When you are in a remote area- away from all networks in a small team then things like packing-breakfast-breaks while walking happen quickly(very important) which is not the case in the case when trekking or exploring in a big team.

*Less Dependency: A lot of times it has been seen that there are always a few members in a team who are not as quick as the others or who are not as fit as the others are- which becomes a little difficult to tolerate for those who do not wish to/might not want to stop for one person. The dependency is less when you are in a small team and chances of personalities clashing are also less.

You join a big group – you pay less! You join a small team- you pay a small premium!
Choice is yours !!!

Do leave your comments if you disagree.

Warm Regards
Rohit Khattar
Adventurer/Expedition Leader
Co-Founder at Himalayan Explorers Club


6 thoughts on “Solitude of the outdoors (Why trek in a small team)

  1. Thank you for visiting and following my blog ( I love the photos and comments above. Although at this stage of my life I won’t be hiking the Himalayas, I’m enjoying your photos and comments. Thank you! 🙂

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