3 styles of Chadar Trek

3 styles/versions of Chadar

1: Leh to Neyrak: Basic Trek (9 days)

The basic trek is usually for the people who get attracted after looking at the pictures of Chadar Trek & who cannot manage more than 8 leaves at a stretch from work.

2: Leh to Lingshed: Requires little trekking experience (11 days)

It includes the famous Lingshed village and Lingshed Solar School. I strongly recommend trekkers not to miss the Lingshed solar school & Lingshed village if you are going for Chadar Trek.

3: Leh to Padum: (15 days) This is for the hardcore trekkers who want to do the complete frozen river expedition.

Prior experience of trekking is not a must for Chadar so anybody can attempt it if they want to.

For detailed itineraries you can mail me.

Email id: khattarrohit@yahoo.com

Warm Regards
Rohit Khattar
Adventurer & Founder at Himalayan Explorers Club


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