Wildlife Photography Options in Ladakh during Winters

To capture the harsh winters and wildlife of Ladakh you have to be really patient with love for unspoiled nature as the wildlife is not as fast paced as it is in other national parks of our country.

The White Ghost of the Himalayas, Snow Leopard (shaan in Ladakhi) is what attracts trekkers/photographers during the winters. Though there is a lot more to the slow wildlife of ladakh in store for every patient travel enthusiast.

Among the birds:

1:)Black-billed magpie and great tits (Omnipresent)

2:)Rock and hill pigeons

3:)White winged redstarts

4:)Pallid harrier

5:)Common raven

6:)Red and yellow billed choughs

7:)Rufous-breasted accentor

8:) Snow Partridge (Lerwa Lerwa in Ladakhi)

Among the biggies:

1:)Blue Sheep

2:)Red fox


4:)Kiang (Tibetian Wild Ass)

5:)Ibex (or Skin in Ladakhi)

6:)Tibetan Sand Fox

7:) Tibetan Wolf (or Shangku in Ladakhi)

8:) Marmots (pheya in Ladakhi)

9:) Yak

10:) Tibetan Antelope (tsos in Ladakhi)

Rare Cats which can be hardly seen other than the Snow Leopard Cat are Lynxx and Palla’s Cat.

Above mentioned are those which can be seen with a little effort during the winters though there are ample of other rare species which can be captured if you are ready to spend extra time in Ladakh.

Please feel free to ask questions regarding the Elusive Snow Leopard Trek in ladakh.

Warm Regards
Rohit Khattar
Adventurer & Founder at Himalayan Explorers Club

Mobile: +91- 7602865245


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