Shopping/Clothing for Chadar Trek (How to Plan for Chadar Trek)

People plan for treks/expeditions way in advance but the most important thing that people ignore is The Gear.

I have seen people spending INR 40,000 TO 50,000 only on shopping for Chadar trek. And I despise the way people plan for chadar trek.
Following are the simple steps to fight the winters of ladakh and bring down to your shopping cost to INR 5000 only.

Steps to Defeat the cold

1:) Protect yourself from the harsh winds: The top layer of your clothing should be a wind cheater.

2:) Wear multi layer clothing and loose clothing helps

3:) Feel the cold (Make your body cold resistant on the first day of your arrival) : Enjoy the shivers so that you can enjoy the nature calls comfortably

chadar trek (leh to lingshed)

chadar trek (leh to lingshed)


Thermals / Body Warmers – 2 No’s
Oversized Full TShirts with high neck & Track Pants (light weight) – 2 / 3 No’s
Sweater / Fleece– 2 No’s
Windcheaters – 1 No’s
Poncho/Rain Cover – 1No’s
Socks – 8 to 10 Pairs (Buy in Leh)
Head Cap + Balaclava – 1 No’s each (Available in Leh for 100 each)
Hand Gloves Inner 1no’s + Outer (waterproo)– 1 No’s
Down Jacket – This is not a necessity, Even a skiing jacket with -5º c with Fleece + thermal + TShirt will take care of your requirement

GumBoots is the only shoes that will work great in this TREK. I strongly recommend you buy them at Leh which costs only Rs.450/- & you can sell it to another trekker for Rs.200 when you comeback.

You get military socks in Leh for Rs.100 to 125. They are the BEST products for this trek.

Sun glasses – Sunglasses are mandatory for this trek, Curved ones will cover your eyes well. No blue coloured sunglass — they don’t block UV. Blacks, greens, browns are fine. Avoid multi tone sunglasses. Sunglasses prevent snow blindness. .

People who wear spectacles choose one of these:
If above is not possible, wear your spectacles and carry a big sunglass that can be worn over your spectacles.
Contact lenses are STRICTLY not allowed

Lingshed solar school

Lingshed solar school

Important tips:

1:) Drink water (hydrate yourself)
2:) Avoid smoking
3:) Avoid Alcohol
4:) Rest on the first day

Please feel free to ask questions:

Warm Regards
Rohit Khattar
Himalayan Explorers Club

Mail id:

Mobile: +91- 7602865245


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