About Me

Rohit Khattar

Fallen off 13000 feet – Survived!

Almost drowned in Ganga – Survived Again!

Just when I thought I had perfected the art of survival, left a high paying job at Unilever.

Fell in love with the mountains!

Flunked academic exams!

Started a venture-Failed!

Managed a management degree somehow!

Entrepreneurial itch & Hunger!

Ventured into various businesses – Failed again!

Asked for a job in a couple of trekking organizations! – didn’t get 1

And one fine day, there I was… walking on a frozen lake in the midst of the mountains sparkling like gigantic diamonds. Rays of sunlight were falling on the womb of nature. When there was no one around except wind, sun and infinite glittering crests of mountain, I found something inexplicable, ineffable; something not human but divine. I knew that was it.

Finally – Doing what I enjoy the most – ‘Leading treks & expeditions’

‘Exploring & Travelling’


“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”


Warm Regards
Rohit Khattar
Mobile : +91- 7602865245
Email id: khattarrohit@yahoo.com


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