My first Major Trek (Full Chadar trek)

When I had started trekking I did not know I would end up making it my profession and the first major trek I took was Chadar Trek.

That time there were only 2 or 3 companies who were organizing Chadar Trek but as a student it was not possible for me to go with a travel company as they were charging nearly INR 85,000. So I decided to look for some veterans who could help me with Chadar.

Luckily I met an old experienced army officer who was going for the same trek. Only during the planning stages I was told that Chadar Trek stretches as far as Padum village. Thankfully the trek was half sponsored by that army officer for me (i guess i was lucky !) otherwise it would not have been possible for me to embark that powerful journey.

But one thing is for sure – my physical fitness was checked while trekking with people from the armed forces as we completed the trek within 8 days. We touched the last village on Chadar -“Padum village” and came back within 8 days. The normal time taken for the same trek is 15 days.

But I believe only hardcore trekkers should go for the full chadar trek version.
Others can opt for trekking upto Lingshed village where they have the option of staying in a “village homestay” plus they get to see the “Lingshed solar school” along with the “Lingshed Monastery” which is a great experience in itself. This trek is good for the first timers also as it requires more of mental fitness.

Chadar Trek is incomplete without visiting Lingshed village.

Lingshed solar school

Lingshed solar school

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3 styles of Chadar Trek

3 styles/versions of Chadar

1: Leh to Neyrak: Basic Trek (9 days)

The basic trek is usually for the people who get attracted after looking at the pictures of Chadar Trek & who cannot manage more than 8 leaves at a stretch from work.

2: Leh to Lingshed: Requires little trekking experience (11 days)

It includes the famous Lingshed village and Lingshed Solar School. I strongly recommend trekkers not to miss the Lingshed solar school & Lingshed village if you are going for Chadar Trek.

3: Leh to Padum: (15 days) This is for the hardcore trekkers who want to do the complete frozen river expedition.

Prior experience of trekking is not a must for Chadar so anybody can attempt it if they want to.

For detailed itineraries you can mail me.

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